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Yes sir, you're sir

i have become yout fan.

That was amazing !!

Added to favorite :D

I'm sorry

but i'm pretty sure that the song from The Butterfly Effect,
Oasis%uFEFF - Stop Crying Your Heart Out
so will the plot have some similar in the butterfly effect? like he will try to change the the wrong or go back in time to save his girlfriend?

Sorry i just couldnt resist. i'm your art fan :D

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Hmm it been half an hour since i started the track, that cant be right?
its was on loop!! i didnt notice that at all! it a real comfort to my eardrum xD
Another good track from you and nice touch with the vocal but its definitely need some improvement.

overall good job now let boogies ! [did i say that right boogie?]

durn responds:

haha, boogie down, Spoil! :) I shall definitely work on my vocals, thanks for the support!

Great as always !!!

My new favorite track from you !!! Salute :D

durn responds:

:) Thanks Spoil!


love the tune this one show your style i'm love...yeah baby....
P.S : can i be your fan?

durn responds:

:) You most certainly can! :D Thanks for addin' me!

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Cheese cake

woah wow oh dang.kajdlkasdkl <<< i cant think of a better word. Awesome job you!!
Nice Girlchan love.

jouste responds:


thanks a pile for the high score! i take it you are a fan of the Girlchan, os it makes me happy that you enjoyed this picture.


Cosmic Break again!!

ok between this and your other submission for cosmic break i like this one better because it so well put together. Love it !!

shinkakakumei responds:

Considering it was my first entry, it's fair to say out of my 2 day Photoshop marathon it was the one with the most effort I put into the most. It was so good I had some schmuck already try to copy it



Gotta love these contests. Brings the worst out of anyone.

Cosmic Break !!!

Nicely done for character and color but the only problem is the depth. Foreground and background is on the same plain. adjust that a bit and it will be a very good submission.

shinkakakumei responds:

I was on a 48 hour marathon doing both this and the Ouka picture XD

I'll change some elements again once the competition is over. Thanks for the review!

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